Seeking Justice for Anna and Thousands of other Women

Anna Jennings was told by her doctor that implantation of the Essure birth control device would be a safe, nonsurgical alternative to getting her tubes tied. She thought she was making the safe choice for permanent birth control.

But Anna quickly learned that was not the case. Anna’s very first period after implantation was like something out of a horror movie. She thought "this can't be normal," but the doctors assured her that her body would adjust. The “adjustment” was severe--she felt like she aged two decades overnight.

Over the course of five years, Anna went to several doctors to get help. They told her all this was in her head, or it was stress-related. Anna believes the doctors ignored her symptoms because they listened to Bayer, who told them that Essure was safe, so there must have been some other cause for her ailments. Eventually, Anna figured out that she had a nickel allergy, and that her body was reacting violently to the coils placed inside of her without sufficient warnings of the danger. On top of that, one of the coils “migrated” and was no longer in place.

Anna isn't alone. She has learned of other women whose lives were twisted by the coils inside of them. She found a doctor who would remove the Essure coils inside of her, and flew across the country to have them removed. Since the procedure wasn't covered by insurance, Anna spent thousands of dollars of her own money to pay for surgery to remove what she was told would be a safe, non-surgical birth control device.

Bayer needs to understand the harm Essure can cause, and to make sure other women won't have to suffer for years, spend thousands of dollars, and endure surgery for what they were told was a safe, non-surgical product. Bayer needs to hear what they have done to Anna and thousands of women like her. Anna is seeking justice through the civil justice system where she is part of a mass action that seeks to hold Bayer accountable for the harm Essure devices have caused thousands of women.
Together, these women are able to band together and fight for justice.