The High Cost of Generics | Take Justice Back

The High Cost of Generics

If Cami was given a brand name drug, she would have had access to justice. 

A doctor placed Camille “Cami” Baruch on a generic version of the anti-acne drug Accutane when she was just 12.  The effect was devastating. 

After taking the drug, Cami developed a severe case of ulcerative colitis, which led to eight operations over the course of the next six years.   Ultimately, Cami had to have a colectomy, removing part of her large intestine

Before Cami was prescribed a generic drug she was an active middle schooler with a promising athletic career ahead of her.  Her parents stated to The New York Times, “the disease transformed their daughter from a talented basketball and softball athlete to someone who will struggle with debilitating physical challenges for the rest of her life.”

Cami and her family attempted to hold the generic manufactures accountable in court for her devastating injuries, but because she was given a generic drug her case was dismissed without the facts of the case ever being heard. 

Unfortunately, people like Cami are denied justice merely because they took the generic form of a drug rather than the brand name, which can be held legally responsible.  

After her lengthy painful battle Cami passed away on February 9th, 2013.  She never saw the justice she deserved because she took a generic drug.