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A Tragic Fate for Father and Son

While a college student, Charles spent his summers working at his dad’s warehouse stocking insulation products and cleaning up. Because of his familiarity with the product, he also helped with insulation prep and installation at various job sites.

Charles earned a degree in architecture from Texas A&M University and opened his own architecture firm. During this time, his father was diagnosed with asbestos related lung cancer from exposure in the warehouse and later passed away.

A few months after his own retirement, Charles too was diagnosed with mesothelioma. Less than six months after his diagnosis, the disease took his life. 

Charles and his father were among hundreds of thousands of Americans workers killed by exposure to asbestos. Corporations knew for decades of the danger of asbestos, which is still legal in the U.S. The FACT Act (H.R. 526 / S. 357) rewards Big Asbestos while delaying justice for victims.