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A Veterans Last Battle

Clinton served in the Navy during World War II where he handled ammunition and encouraged people to buy war bonds. After his honorable discharge, he worked at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard where he assisted skilled tradesman.

Although he did not know it at the time, his work at the shipyard had exposed him to asbestos.  By the time he left to work at a glass plant so he could be closer to his family, it was too late.  His lungs were irreversibly damaged.

Clinton had developed mesothelioma, a deadly cancer caused by asbestos that has no cure.  It ravaged his body and caused him to lose more than 50 pounds in a year. Before long, Clinton became too ill to enjoy his church activities and his wife’s cooking. He was no longer able to take long walks with his wife and any short walks required assistance.

Mesothelioma and the asbestos that caused it killed Clinton. Now lawmakers are considering the FACT Act (H.R. 526 / S. 357), a legislative bill supported by Big Asbestos.  It would protect these reckless corporations even in the face of tragic stories like Clinton’s.  

You have the power to stand up for Clinton and others like him. Tell Congress to put Americans - especially our veterans - first.