Man Dies from Neglect and Family Forced out of Court

Dean Cole suffered from dementia and his wife was no longer able to provide the special care he required. Dean was admitted into a local nursing home in Minnesota, where his wife was asked to sign lengthy admissions documents that included a forced arbitration clause.

Instead of receiving the care Dean needed at the nursing home, he was neglected by staff and suffered from massive dehydration. Less than two weeks after being admitted, Dean lost 20 lbs. of body fluid and fell into a dehydration-induced coma. Dean was transferred to a nearby hospital, but it was too late. His weight loss and lack of food and fluid intake was so severe that he died less than one month later.

Dean’s family tried to hold the nursing home accountable in court. However, instead of being able to pursue justice openly in court, the nursing home forced him into arbitration, an unfair system that allows the nursing home hide the truth from the public.