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The Result of Nursing Home Neglect

Frances Carroll, 91, was no longer able to take care of herself, suffering from dementia, blood pressure issues as well as skin cancer. She was admitted to a nursing home to receive the professional care she needed. Her daughter, Sarah, signed the admittance forms. Those forms contained a forced arbitration clause that eliminated her mother’s civil justice rights in the event of negligence or wrongdoing by the nursing home.

Instead of receiving the proper care that Frances was promised, she was severely neglected such she developed a wound on her scalp which had frequent drainage and emanated a foul odor. Repeatedly, Frances was left out in the public hallway or in the dining area with her wound uncovered and exposed to airborne germs. She was often found sitting in soiled clothing from incontinence, with a blood soaked bib and dried blood on her face and in her ears.

The lack of hygiene and failure of proper care allowed Frances’ wound to fester. One day, Sarah visited her mother and discovered that she had live maggots in her scalp wound. Horrified, Sarah immediately notified the staff, yet it took four hours for staff to remove the maggots.

Sarah moved her mother to another facility, where she received better care and her condition greatly improved. Frances passed away some months later.

Sarah tried to hold the nursing home accountable in court for the lack of care they provided her mother. Instead, Sarah is being forced into arbitration with the nursing home because of the forced arbitration clause. Unlike court proceedings, arbitration proceedings are secret and not public, meaning the nursing home will never be held publicly accountable or pressured into improving their practices.