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Class Actions and Asbestos Victims Under Attack

The "Fairness in Class Action Litigation and Furthering Asbestos Claim Transparency Act of 2015" is a Frankenstein bill, cobbling together two unrelated issues into one legislative monster that gives a free pass to corporations that mislead their customers and poison their workers.

The asbestos section of the bill would put thousands of individuals suffering from mesothelioma - the cancer caused by exposure to asbestos - at risk by delaying vital compensation these patients and their families need to pay for prescriptions, aggressive treatment, and other healthcare costs. It would also deplete dwindling trust funds set aside to compensate victims. Officials for the trusts estimate that complying with the legislation would require up to 20,000 additional hours a year for each trust. 

The class action section of the bill would block consumers from joining a class seeking to hold a corporation accountable for selling defective products, fraud, price-fixing, anti-trust violations, wage theft, and ohter rule breaking. From faulty ignition switches to toxic drywall, products are made safer and corporations are held accountable when consumers can band together to file class actions. Check out our "House of Horrors" and see how class actions have helped protect you and your family at home. 

AAJ CEO Linda Lipsen recently wrote an op-ed in The Hill about the Fairness in Class Action bill—or as it should be called: “The Volkswagen Bailout Bill.” Additionally, New York attorney Jonathan Selbin also published an article in The Hill, and Cleveland attorney Daniel Karon wrote one for the Cleveland Plain Dealer

You can also check out our “Fahrbretrugen” ad we ran in Politico. (That’s German for “Driving and Cheating.”)