Veteran, Community Activist and Mesothelioma Victim

As a young man, James served in the Navy performing engine room maintenance. After his honorable discharge, James went to work as a machinist, technician and maintenance general at a rubber plant in Pennsylvania. 

James and his wife of 50 years were active in their community. A health buff, James ran every day, was diet-conscious and participated in numerous community organizations. He and his wife were particularly fond of doing service work in the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area.

Despite his healthy lifestyle, James had been unwittingly exposed to asbestos during his years of working with pumps, valves and compressors. Six months after his mesothelioma diagnosis, James died.

What may be most troubling are the outrageous claims made by Big Asbestos, some politicians, and even some reporters that asbestos victims like James are simply lying about their asbestos exposure.  Those making these claims are pushing a bill known as H.R. 982 , nothing more than a thinly-veiled effort by politicians to benefit their Big Asbestos friends.  Under this bill, these toxic wrongdoers will win.  Workers like James and their families will lose.