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Krislyn's Generic Drug Injustice

Krislyn was a healthy 27-year-old taking Zarah, the generic form of the popular birth control pill Yaz, when she became dizzy and fainted. She was rushed to the emergency room where she fainted again. Hospital tests revealed Krislyn had an enlarged heart, elevated heart rate and blood clots in both of her lungs that  prevented oxygen from getting to her heart. Her problems did not end at the hospital; her justice was denied because she took a generic instead of a brand-name.

Krislyn spent five days in the hospital, including three days in intensive care fighting for her life. Over the next six months Krislyn required careful monitoring, and her care regime included heavy doses of blood thinners and blood drawn a few times a week. Krislyn is now at high risk for blood clots for the rest of her life. And she reports that she has been to the emergency room several times to check for an elevated heart rate and blood clots.

Because Krislyn took a generic drug instead of a brand-name drug, she is unable to hold the drug manufacturer accountable. For Krislyn, that means that not only has her health been harmed, but the burden of more than $50,000 in medical bills has fallen on her and her family. When we cannot hold those who make generic drugs accountable, who is safe from having to bear such heavy costs?