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The terrible legacy of Blitz USA

A few cents fix could have prevented Michael’s burns.  But instead, Blitz USA put profits before safety.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has used Blitz USA as an example of lawsuits putting companies out of business.  Tell that to Michael who will never live a normal life thanks to the reckless decisions made by Blitz management. 

Michael, 11, was celebrating the holidays at his Aunt’s house last December.  In the evening, the family lit a fire in their outdoor fireplace. Later, as the fire was dying, Michael went outside and saw the familiar red Blitz gas can.  As Michael went to pour gas on the fire to rekindle it, the entire can burst into flames, spreading to Michael’s clothes and skin.

Only the civil justice system allows Michael and others like him to hold Blitz USA accountable.

Had Blitz USA spent a few extra pennies to install a metal flame arrester in the can, injuries could have been prevented and lives saved.  Workplace standards require gas cans to have flame arresters. Yet gas cans sold to American consumers are not required to meet the same standard. And Blitz USA,  responsible for 75 percent of all U.S. gas can sales, did not care.

Walmart also knows the plastic gas cans are dangerous, yet they are still on their store shelves today.  As one of the country’s largest retailers, Walmart is in a position to dictate safety, yet they continue to sell the unsafe Blitz gas cans.