A College Education Stolen

Sophie was in college working on her Environmental Studies degree, when she began taking two generic drugs prescribed to help clear her complexion. However, instead of a clear skin, Sophie experienced multiple pulmonary emboli and almost died. 

Because Sophie took generic drugs, she will never receive the justice she deserves. 

Initially there were no warning signs. But in January 2012, Sophie she ended up in the emergency room due to severe chest pains after starting a workout routine. Two days later, Sophie was in crippling pain again. Ambulances rushed her to the hospital and, after many tests, doctors discovered that she was suffering from multiple pulmonary emboli – sudden blockages of major veins in her lungs, which strain the heart and can be deadly. Sophie reports her doctors told her that her lungs had started deteriorating from the lack of oxygen getting to them. 

After she left the hospital, Sophie faced many hardships. It wasn’t unusual for her to need a six-hour nap after walking 10 blocks and she couldn’t stay awake for more than four hours. 

Because her healing process was requiring so much time, Sophie took a medical leave of absence from college. When she went on medical leave, the government withdrew her funding for the remainder of the year, leaving her with a tuition debt. 

As soon as she was able, Sophie enrolled in a local community college to try to catch up to others her age. Not long after, her previous college called and demanded that she start repaying her tuition debt. Sophie tried to work two jobs to pay the student loans, but in the end, Sophie dropped out of school to work full time. 

Had Sophie taken name brand medications and faced these medical emergencies and physical suffering, she would have had the opportunity to hold the manufacturers of those drugs accountable. However, because Sophie took a generic drug, she has no options. 

When no one is accountable, no one is safe.