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A Side Effect That is Ruining a Man's Life

Terry began taking Reglan in 1998 for Acid Reflux. His pharmacist switched him to the generic version when it became available.  Despite the fact that Reglan was originally introduced for short-term use, Terry was prescribed the drug for more than 12 years.  The results of that long-term use proved devastating.

The first signs of trouble occurred when Terry was lying in bed.  His legs began jerking, his shoulders popping and his waist twisting.  Alarmed by what was happening, he was eventually referred to a neurologist who diagnosed Terry with Tardive Dyskinesia, a neurological disorder associated with seizures.

Tardive Dyskinesia was a known side effect from long-term Reglan use but no one informed Terry of that risk.  Terry’s symptoms are worsening; he recently suffered a seizure lasting more than 22 hours. During these episodes his body jerks uncontrollably, his eyes roll back, his feet shake, he drools, and his tongue comes out of his mouth. His wife can only watch helplessly as the love of her life struggles. 

Terry says he is now embarrassed to go out in public because he does not know when an episode may come on. Worried a seizure may happen while driving, Terry relies on his wife for getting around. And while the couple once enjoyed nighttime walks around their neighborhood, they can no longer take them because Terry’s wife is unable to carry him home in the event of a problem.

Had Terry taken a brand-name drug, he would have had the option to hold the drug maker accountable in court.  No such option exists for those who rely on generics that make up roughly 80% of the drug market today.  A renowned physician says Terry is “deteriorating at an accelerated rate.” He must live with this because one company put profits over people, and because generic drug makers cannot be held responsible for what they do wrong.