December 2012

Instagram and Your Legal Rights

This post was originally published on the Alliance for Justice’s blog and can be found here.

The REAL danger in Instagram's new Terms of Use: forced arbitration

Perhaps you’ve read about the controversy over new “Terms of Use” from the photo-sharing service Instagram, which now is owned by Facebook.  Under the terms, if you use Instagram it is free to sell your photos, your likeness and pretty much anything else it knows about you to advertisers – without any further consent on your part, and without compensating you.  And if, by some chance, you’re under 18, Instagram assumes that when you click “accept,” at least one parent has read over the terms and agreed to them on your behalf.

The Atlantic: One Quick Answer to Sandy Hook? Repeal the 2005 Arms Act

Should those who make and sell guns be immune from lawsuits?  One prominent legal analyst argues the law needs to change.  Check out Andrew Cohen’s article for The Atlantic.

WSJ Misrepresents Personal Injury Law In Support Of ALEC Effort To Deny Asbestos Relief In Ohio

This post was originally published on Media Matters for America’s blog and can be found here.

A Wall Street Journal editorial echoed right-wing talking points to endorse an Ohio bill that would restrict asbestos victims from proving their claims at trial. But the editorial, which claims "rampant fraud" exists in asbestos-related litigation, provides no evidence of systemic abuse, conceals the fact that multiple companies can be legally responsible for asbestos injuries, and fails to disclose that the state legislation is a corporate-funded American Legislative Exchange Council bill pushed by top Republican ALEC officials.

Generic Drug Immunity Redux

Karen suffered “hell on earth” because of a generic drug, according to her burn surgeon.  Is the maker immune from responsibility?    

Last week the Supreme Court agreed to hear a case that could have an impact on those who are injured after taking a generic drug.