July 2013

Accountability is Key to Strengthening Public Health

AAJ Environmental Lawyer Testifies about Need for Strong State Law, Civil Justice System

Washington, DC—In a U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee hearing on the need to reform the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), American Association for Justice (AAJ) member Robin Greenwald testified on the principles that must be upheld to ensure TSCA reform legislation protects the public.  Greenwald, a renowned environmental attorney with the law firm of Weitz & Luxenberg P.C., highlighted how the civil justice system and state laws complement federal regulation, ensure accountability and provide a safety net when federal regulation is insufficient.

Just when you think you have seen it all

The following is a guest post on BP's backpedaling from Joe Rice, co-founding member of Motley Rice.

In the course of 30 years of practicing law I have never seen a corporate defendant backpedal on an agreed-to settlement to the extent BP is attempting to do in the Deepwater Horizon Economic and Property Damages Class Action Settlement. BP still doesn’t understand the law or the facts of this case.  

Locked out of the Courts: A Used Car Buyer's Plight

Catchy Billboard Attracting Public Attention to Used Car Buyer's Plight

Victim of forced arbitration's story on YouTube watched by over 550,000 viewers 

CA Lawmakers Call For MIRCA Changes

If you’re not from California you may not have heard of the Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act, know to most simply as–MICRA.  MICRA prevents many Californians from holding negligent care providers responsible when they severely injure or kill patients. 

71 Ways ALEC Wants to Deny Your Justice

The Center for Media and Democracy has released a report on the 71 bills that have been introduced in state legislatures across the nation that limit and deny your access to the civil justice system. 

These 71 bills have another thing in common: they are all based off model bills by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

FDA Acts on Generic Drug Safety

After 23 months, the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has finally agreed to look at the huge safety discrepancy between generic and brand named drugs.  The FDA signaled the move by notifying the Office of Management and Budget of its plans to publish a proposed new rule that would make create similar requirements for generic and brand-name drug makers with respect to how they update their warning labels.

Remember the Troops on This Day, Protect Their Rights

Happy Independence Day!  On this July 4th holiday it is imperative to remember our members of the military – active, reservists and veterans – who protect our freedom day in and day out.  

Unfortunately, some rights of our servicemembers have been limited, barring them from full access to justice when problems arise here at home. 

Did you know that if an active duty member of the military is killed or injured in a military hospital they have no way to hold anyone responsible?