August 2013

Beware with what’s next with forced arbitration

Forced arbitration clauses are regularly hidden in the fine print of cellphone, auto, credit card, employment and nursing home contracts.  

These clauses allow corporations to eliminate your rights to take a case to court when a problem arises and force consumers, employees and small businesses into a private arbitration tribunal designed by the very corporation the dispute is against. 

BP Up To Its Old Tricks: Backpedaling & Blaming Victims

Two weeks ago we told you how BP is actually trying to paint themselves as the real victim of their massive oil spill. They underestimated the damage they inflicted on the Gulf, and now they're trying to backpedal out of the oil spill settlement agreement their own corporate lawyers wrote.  

The attacks have continued. BP is blaming the Judge, claims administrator, accountants and lawyers. Worse, BP is blaming the people and businesses of the Gulf. According to BP, the innocent party is BP itself.  

Women and Medical Devices: the Dangerous Reality

Women are understudied and underserved when it comes to the testing and development of medical devices.  

Dr. Nancy Lynch, MD writes:

USA Today Piece Highlights Medical Errors

When you go to the hospital, they have your medical records - but does it work in reverse? Do you have your hospital’s safety records? Today’s front page article in USA Today highlights a very scary and real health crisis: 

Accountability for Illegal Asbestos Dumping, but not for Corporations?

Last week, a former construction supervisor was sentenced to six months in jail for not properly handling pipe coated with asbestos during a sewer and water system upgrade in Idaho.

Tell BP to Stop BackPedaling

If you have been following the BP oil spill settlement, you know BP has been BackPedaling on an agreement they wrote, signed and asked the Court to approve.  BP claims they are still honoring their “commitment” to the Gulf Coast, but they continue to throw hundreds of thousands of dollars into an orchestrated PR campaign to evade accountability and halt payments to Gulf Coast businesses. 

The fact is BP is a convicted felon that pled guilty to 11 counts of manslaughter and lying to the Federal Government, stemming from the Deepwater Horizon tragedy.

NYT Columnist Smears "Plaintiffs' Lawyers" Because Of Deepwater Horizon Litigation

This post was originally published on Media Matters for America’s blog and can be found here.

Columnist Joe Nocera of The New York Times made a sweeping negative generalization about "mass tort" lawsuits and "plaintiffs' lawyers" because BP is currently paying out more in damages than it expected for the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

BP pled guilty to the felony manslaughter of 11 workers who perished when the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded in April 2010. In addition, BP pled guilty to lying to Congress about the extent of the resulting environmental catastrophe and agreed to a $4 billion plea agreement - a record sum in criminal penalties. BP also settled in civil proceedings for damage beyond the immediate blowout, such as the extensive economic and medical harm caused to those who depend on a Gulf of Mexico unpolluted by millions of barrels of oil.