October 2013

AAJ President Sounds Off On Forced Arbitration

 On Wednesday, Oct. 25, American Association for Justice president Burton LeBlanc appeared on the Ed Schultz Radio Show with guest host Mike Papantonio to discuss the dangers forced arbitration can have on small businesses and consumers. 

Forced Arbitration: U.S. Chamber’s License to Steal

New Primer Outlines How Forced Arbitration Eliminates Americans’ Rights

Most Americans do not realize they have forfeited their legal rights until it is too late. Buried in the fine print of many contracts – from credit card and nursing home contracts to employee handbooks and online user agreements – are dangerous forced arbitration clauses that eliminate access to justice and replace it with a secretive, corporate tribunal.  The American Association for Justice released a new primer today detailing how the abusive practice of forced arbitration hurts American small businesses, consumers and employees and how the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is spearheading efforts to force arbitration on America.  

Wait...I Agreed to What?

Most Americans don't realize they've forfeited their legal rights until it is too late. Buried in the fine print of many contracts are dangerous forced arbitration clauses that eliminate access to justice. Do you use a credit card? Then you have probably “agreed” to forced arbitration. What happens if you catch the bank stealing your money with phony interest fees? See if you can hold it accountable.

Take the time to see how consumers can become trapped in the forced arbitration maze by clicking the picture above. 

Georgia-Pacific Reports Show Corporations Can't Be Trusted

Earlier this week, the Center for Public Integrity published an exposé detailing the deceptive research program Georgia-Pacific funded to avoid accountability for their asbestos-containing joint compound.

Video: Setting the Hot Coffee Record Straight

The New York Times featured a Retro Report video, which highlights one of the most famous lawsuits in history–the “Hot Coffee” case. Unfortunately, most of what people know about the case is not the whole story. This video brings to light how extensive Stella Liebeck’s injuries were and that McDonald had received over 700 complaints about coffee burns, but did not change their actions until Ms. Liebeck brought her case to court.

Take a moment to watch the video and see if you feel differently about Ms. Libebeck and this case.

Wisconsin Bill To Deny Justice for Asbestos Victims

Last week, Jason Johns, executive director of the Wisconsin Asbestos Victims Network, wrote an op-ed in The Cap Times about how Senate Bill 13 will deny justice for people affected by asbestos in Wisconsin.

Hawaii Supreme Court Issues Win for Americans

In a breakthrough win for Americans, the Hawaii Supreme Court sided with high school teacher Michael Siopes over health care conglomerate Kaiser Health.

Government Shutdown Delays Justice for Americans

The government shutdown has had a number of negative effects across the country, including limiting Americans’ access to receive justice in federal courts.   

Why does Warren Buffet care about asbestos?

Asbestos exposure kills 10,000 Americans every year.  Big Asbestos has orchestrated a campaign to avoid accountably for knowingly exposing workers and consumers to deadly asbestos for decades. 

The Scripps News investigation, Risky Business, uncovered the latest tactic to delay and deny justice for asbestos victims and, according to the story, it implicates Warren Buffett’s