July 2014

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Calls on Congress to Grant Corporations a License to Steal from American Taxpayers

Corporations will stop at nothing to hide their wrongdoing from the public, but they often can’t hide it from their employees. Because of their access to information, whistleblowers are among the best resources to hold corporations accountable when they steal from American taxpayers by defrauding the U.S. Government.

New York Attorney General Report Sheds Light on Massive Data Breach Crisis – But Consumers Can Do Little To Hold Corporations Accountable

With the ubiquitous use of credit cards, online purchases, and a myriad of other electronic transactions, American consumers can do little to prevent their personal and financial information from ending up on the Corporate Cloud. Instead, it’s up to the corporations to protect consumers’ information – but the almost daily reports of data breaches suggest that they are failing to take necessary precautions.

Asbestos on the Hill Reaffirms Why Asbestos Legislation is Necessary

ADAO President Linda Reinstein penned an op-ed in today’s The Hill calling on Congress to take action and draft legislation on asbestos issues, which continue to have an overwhelmingly negative affect on Americans.

Medical Error Leads to Unnecessary Surgeries, Suffering

Every year, 440,000 Americans die as a result of preventable medical errors and many countless more are injured. States across America are considering legislation that would limit the rights of injured patients while providing no accountability for medical errors.

Linda of Woodville, Wisconsin, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer in the spring. In order to save her life, doctors recommended that she undergo radical treatment: including the removal of both of her breasts. On their recommendations, Linda opted for surgery.

Consumer Groups Call Out Microsoft for Use of Forced Arbitration

This week, Microsoft hosted its Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Washington, DC. Microsoft has long used forced arbitration against its customers, so a coalition of DC-based consumer advocacy groups crashed the convention to educate the public and attendees about this abusive practice.

Mesh Survivors Call on Texas AG for Full Accountability

Perhaps more than any other product in history, vaginal mesh implants demonstrate the real harm that can occur when corporate greed and lax regulatory oversight combine. The early iterations of this device date back to the “womb supporters” of the 1800s and were known for the pain they caused and the difficulty doctors had in removing them. They were even featured in First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt’s 1933 exhibit “America’s Chamber of Horrors.” 

Military Consumer Protection Day Renews Call To Restore Servicemembers’ Access To Justice

Today, a coalition of state Attorneys General, government entities, and advocates for servicemembers and consumers will observe Military Consumer Protection Day.

Outdated Insurance Standards Leave Crash Victims Out in the Cold

Claude, a Montana native, was incredibly excited because he just got a great deal on a new pickup truck in Portland, Oregon. Claude was planning a one-way bus ride to collect his new truck, but Claude never got the chance to drive the truck off the lot. The bus Claude was riding was traveling upwards of 65 mph on roads that had been described as “ice skating rinks,” when it hit a patch of black ice, rolled, and landed in a median on U.S. Interstate 90. 

Outdated Trucking Law Hurts Crash Victims

Tracy Morgan along with two other passengers injured in a truck crash last month in New Jersey have filed a lawsuit to hold Walmart, the operator of the truck, accountable in court. This crash has elevated public and lawmakers’ awareness of unsafe trucking industry practices. Last night on The Last Word some of these unsafe practice were discussed.

House Side of U.S. Capitol Closed Today Because of Asbestos

For the public and lawmakers who believe the dangers of asbestos are in the past, today’s Washington Post story is a stark reminder that Americans are still being exposed to deadly asbestos in their homes, offices, and in our nation’s schools. 

Asbestos is still legal and lethal in the U.S. In fact, to this day, diseases linked to asbestos exposure kill at least 10,000 Americans every year.