August 2014

Patients Cut Off from Key Hospital Safety Information

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has taken a troubling step backwards this month that could put all patient’s safety at risk. From now on, CMS will no longer publicly report eight conditions Americans can develop due to poor care called: “hospital acquired conditions” (HACs). 

These conditions include:

When Archaic Laws Limit Accountability, Americans at Risk

It was a cold and snowy day in western Pennsylvania. The family minivan carrying 10 year-old Davanna was stopped at a red light. Without warning, the sound of a semi-truck’s horn pierced the air. But it was too late.

Read more of Davanna's story here.

Huffington Post Not So Progressive Anymore – Adds Forced Arbitration to Terms of Service

When The Huffington Post launched in 2005, it was embraced as a progressive alternative to conservative online media.  Now, following its sale to AOL, the liberal answer to Drudge has officially gone corporate.

Court Holds Garlock Accountable for Reckless Disregard of Americans’ Health and Safety in Decades-Long Asbestos Cover-up

Dayton Dexter worked as a pipefitter for almost forty years, and nearly every work day, he was exposed to asbestos manufactured by Garlock Sealing Technologies. As a result, he developed lung cancer, which he tragically succumbed to in 2004.

Truck’s Insufficient Insurance Coverage Leaves American Family Struggling

Maiv’s family deserves justice, but outdated trucking insurance laws have left her family facing the high cost of medical care and other losses from the crash that stole Maiv’s life. These same outdated and insufficient insurance laws undermine every American’s safety on the road and deny essential relief to those injured or killed in trucking crashes. Maiv was driving home from visiting her sister’s house in Minnesota.