July 2016

Forced Arbitration: How Corporations Bully Americans

It’s estimated that as many as half a billion forced arbitration clauses are buried in the fine print of everything from credit card agreements, bank accounts, student loans, children’s breakfast cereals, even Starbucks gift

Opportunities to Develop the Skills to Take Justice Back

(Editor's note: the following blog was written by Jerry O'Neill, co-chair of the Board of the National College of Advocay at the American Association for Justice)

Forced into Arbitration, Consumers Ready to Take Justice Back

(Editor's note: The following blog is from AAJ President, Larry Tawwater)

Working Together to Take Justice Back

(Editor's note: The following blog is from Linda Lipsen, CEO of the American Association for Justice)

The Ongoing Fight Over Dangerous Recalled Cars

At least 11 people have now been killed in incidents involving Takata airbags, which can send shrapnel into the driver when the devices malfunction. Huma Hanif, a 17-year-old Texas woman, was the most recent victim.

Generic Drug Manufacturers Escape Accountability, with Deadly Results

Emily Mitchell, of Chattanooga, Tennessee, had no reason to believe her newborn baby had any health problems. The sonograms had been normal. But her son, Lucian, was born with severe heart defects. He died one week later. 

Forced Arbitration Steals the Rights of Those Who Serve

When the brave men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces are deployed they should not have to worry about certain burdens at home, such as losing their civilian jobs or suffering abuses and frauds by financial corporations.

A Concussion on the Field Leads to Changes Across the Country

On October 12, 2006, during a middle-school football game, 13-year old Zackery Lystedt made a hard tackle, slamming the back of his head into the ground. He walked off the field on his own, and later returned to play the second half. But just as the game ended, Zackery collapsed. He was airlifted to a Trauma 1 hospital in nearby Seattle, where he was in a coma for the next month. For nine months after, he was unable to move or even blink.