January 2019

This Is What Happens When You Try to Sue Your Boss

From Bloomberg: 1/24/2019.

"Millions of American workers sign away legal rights without knowing what they’re in for: Arbitration Hell."

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No, Companies That Force Workers to Sign Away Their Right to Sue Are Not LGBTQ-Friendly

From Slate: 1/23/2019.

"The HRC will soon release its influential 2019 Corporate Equality Index, which scores companies on their corporate nondiscrimination policies for LGBTQ employees. But the index’s often-controversial criteria has a curious flaw: It doesn’t consider whether companies require employees to sign contracts with “forced arbitration clauses,” a legal loophole that waives workers’ right to sue over illegal treatment at work, like being denied overtime wages or getting fired for being queer or trans."

Now is the time for the SEC to protect defrauded investors

From The Hill: 12/26/2018.

"It is not just defrauded investors who are harmed when shareholder fraud cases are curtailed. SEC leaders from both parties have long maintained that private lawsuits serve as an essential supplement to the commission’s enforcement actions, both as a mechanism for compensating the victims of fraud and as a deterrent to violating the law."

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Johnson & Johnson Drafted Into Fight Over Shareholder Lawsuits

From the Wall Street Journal: 12/13/2018.

"Supporters of mandatory arbitration say it would save companies money and time, arguing arbitration would be faster and less expensive than grinding out federal lawsuits involving thousands of investors. Proponents argue that class-action access to the courts is vital for holding corporations and executives accountable to shareholders."

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