March 2019

Republicans’ deregulation is hurting consumers. A new bill from Democrats could help.

From the Washington Post: 3/4/2019.

"If the bill passes, it would be a step in the right direction. In the best of all possible worlds, the government would also help protect customers from misbehaving companies. At the very least, though, it shouldn’t be protecting misbehaving companies from their customers."

Forced Arbitration Is Unjust and Deeply Unpopular. Can Congress End It?

From Slate: 3/1/2019.

"In a truly harrowing story, the 87-year-old nun was raped in the nursing home where she resided, but her family was barred from suing the nursing home for negligence. Wells Fargo opened over 3 million fake accounts in customers’ names, but these customers were also blocked from court and forced into arbitration instead; they had no hope for redress until the Consumer Fraud Protection Bureau stepped in. And nearly 3,000 Chipotle workers were kicked out of a wage-theft lawsuit last year for the same reason."

Tech workers’ fight against forced arbitration gets a boost in Congress

From the Los Angeles Times: 2/28/2019.

"A new poll of 1,200 voters by Hart Research Associates found that 84% supported legislation to end arbitration requirements. Close to 90% of Republicans and 83% of Democrats supported the bill, and most preferred to have their own disputes heard in court, the survey found."

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Democrats in step with Google on mandatory arbitration ban

From Yahoo Finance: 2/28/2019.

"The Forced Arbitration Injustice Repeal Act of 2019, or “FAIR Act,” is the latest in a long history of proposed bills that have attempted but failed to defang the current statutory and Supreme Court framework maintaining enforceability of mandatory arbitration clauses."

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