September 2019

House Passes Bill to End Forced Arbitration

From ThinkAdvisor: 9/20/2019.

"Mandatory arbitration "allows large corporations to systematically evade accountability when they break the law," added American Association for Justice CEO Linda Lipsen, in a separate statement. “When this bill passes both houses of Congress, corporations will no longer be allowed to immunize themselves and silence employees, consumers, nursing home residents, sexual assault survivors and victims of financial fraud."

House Votes To Ban Forced Arbitration

From HuffPost: 9/20/2019.

"The U.S. House on Friday voted to ban forced arbitration, the increasingly controversial ― and common ― practice of forcing consumers and workers into secret courtrooms where they have no access to a jury and far more limited rights than in the public justice system."

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The Secret Courts Companies Use To Evade Justice

From HuffPost: 9/10/2019.

"The new report from the American Association for Justice shows that not only do companies typically emerge victorious from arbitration, but, perhaps more damning, they rarely even have to use the process."

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Lawmakers want to give Americans back their right to sue companies

From CNBC: 9/10/2019.

"The House of Representatives Judiciary Committee on Tuesday afternoon passed a bipartisan bill, the Forced Arbitration Injustice Repeal Act, that would end forced arbitration. Experts say they expect the legislation to pass in the full House as well."

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