October 2019

Uber's New York bike expansion stymied by dispute over court access

From Politico: 10/15/2019.

"But the “forced arbitration” policy that Uber wants to insert into its user agreements with riders is proving an obstacle. The increasingly commonplace corporate practice prevents users from seeking relief in court when something goes wrong. Consumer advocates deplore it, and so, increasingly, do some politicians."

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Hollywood and Silicon Valley can no longer silence women with this contract clause

From Vox: 10/11/2019.

"Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill Thursday that outlaws forced arbitration, a common business practice that US employers use to stop workers from suing them for sexual harassment, discrimination, and wage theft. He also signed a bill that extends the amount of time employees have to file workplace civil rights complaints under state law."

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DLA Piper Hit by Law Student Protests Over Arbitration

From Bloomberg Law: 10/10/2019.

"Demonstrators from Harvard, Columbia, NYU and Georgetown law schools handed out leaflets in New York, Washington, and Boston. They’re part of a student-led initiative leveraging their status as top Big Law recruits to fight what they says is “harassment and discrimination in the legal profession."

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Sexual Misconduct at Work, Again

From RetroReport.org: 10/07/2019.

"Corporate scandals led companies to implement mandatory arbitration agreements. But that made it easier for them to cover up the problem, and harder for victims to be heard. The repercussions continue to affect the workplace today."

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