October 2020

Blanket COVID-19 liability shield for business is not the immunity we need in this crisis

From USA Today: 08/11/2020.

"Responsible businesses have no reason to fear coronavirus lawsuits. The law requires only that they follow safety guidance from public health experts."

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Column: In GOP plan, you can’t sue your employers for giving you COVID — but they can sue you

From The Los Angeles Times: 07/29/2020.

"The Republican proposal is more draconian than measures in some of the nine states that have given businesses immunity from lawsuits in the COVID-19 pandemic. It reflects a long-term conservative goal of absolving businesses from responsibility for conditions in their workplaces."

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McConnell’s warning of lawsuit ‘epidemic’ undercut by lack of litigation

From Politico: 07/27/2020.

"Of the 3,727 coronavirus-related cases that have been filed since March, just 185, or less than 5 percent, fall into the personal injury category that McConnell describes — plaintiffs claiming fear of exposure, potential exposure or exposure to Covid-19, according to an analysis by the American Association for Justice of a litigation tracker run by law firm Hunton Andrews Kurth. Instead, the bulk of the legal actions deal with insurance claims and civil rights, including people challenging stay-at-home orders."

Giving Corporations a License to Kill

From Slate: 06/11/2020.

"Businesses need the right incentives to protect workers from COVID-19. Corporate immunity would give them a free pass to gamble with workers’ lives."

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