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WSJ LTE: Accountability for Generic Drugs

The Wall Street Journal ran my Letter to the Editor calling for accountability in the generic drug market over the weekend.  Currently, patients injured by generic drugs do not have access to the civil justice system in order to hold the negligent manufacturer accountable.  The civil justice system is a proven incentive to help improve consumer safety.  An excerpt from the letter can be found below, and the full text can be found online here

Accountability motivates drug makers to both produce safe products and monitor for new side effects after their drugs are approved and enter the marketplace. Generics make up 80% of the prescription drug market, and yet cannot be held responsible and are not subject to the same safety requirements as brand-name manufacturers.

Both generic and brand-drug manufacturers should have the same responsibility to monitor the safety and disclose information about the risks of their drugs.

Protect Patients' Rights, Protect Patients' Lives

This morning CNN published an op-ed I authored on the preventable medical error crisis that kills 98,000 Americans every year. In my article I focused on patient safety and highlighted the importance of the civil justice system. I also challenged the talking points used by people trying to limit patients’ rights.

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