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Blanket COVID-19 liability shield for business is not the immunity we need in this crisis

From USA Today: 08/11/2020.

"Responsible businesses have no reason to fear coronavirus lawsuits. The law requires only that they follow safety guidance from public health experts."

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Column: In GOP plan, you can’t sue your employers for giving you COVID — but they can sue you

From The Los Angeles Times: 07/29/2020.

"The Republican proposal is more draconian than measures in some of the nine states that have given businesses immunity from lawsuits in the COVID-19 pandemic. It reflects a long-term conservative goal of absolving businesses from responsibility for conditions in their workplaces."

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McConnell’s warning of lawsuit ‘epidemic’ undercut by lack of litigation

From Politico: 07/27/2020.

"Of the 3,727 coronavirus-related cases that have been filed since March, just 185, or less than 5 percent, fall into the personal injury category that McConnell describes — plaintiffs claiming fear of exposure, potential exposure or exposure to Covid-19, according to an analysis by the American Association for Justice of a litigation tracker run by law firm Hunton Andrews Kurth. Instead, the bulk of the legal actions deal with insurance claims and civil rights, including people challenging stay-at-home orders."

Giving Corporations a License to Kill

From Slate: 06/11/2020.

"Businesses need the right incentives to protect workers from COVID-19. Corporate immunity would give them a free pass to gamble with workers’ lives."

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McConnell’s Rush to Protect Businesses Endangers Everyone Else

From The New York Times: 05/15/2020.

"The problem is that immunity doesn’t just shield the worst actors; it also punishes the best, by giving a competitive advantage to the businesses that decide to cut corners at the expense of worker and customer health and safety."

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Business immunity for coronavirus is not the solution for Trump’s reopening fiasco

From The Boston Globe: 05/15/2020.

"It would be terrible for Congress to reduce the threat of lawsuits for employers in such egregious situations. The prospect of being sued for negligence helps to hold companies accountable for public-health and safety regulations that the government can’t enforce through inspections alone."

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Companies fear coronavirus liability lawsuits. So far, few exist

From Reuters: 05/15/2020.

"But so far, court records show few such cases have been filed and some legal experts say the threat of liability is exaggerated because of the difficulty of proving where someone was infected."

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