Accountability for Illegal Asbestos Dumping, but not for Corporations?

Last week, a former construction supervisor was sentenced to six months in jail for not properly handling pipe coated with asbestos during a sewer and water system upgrade in Idaho. Investigators with the Environmental Protection Agency alleged that because the supervisor did not follow procedures, asbestos was illegally dumped at 16 different locations around town- costing the EPA more than $3.9 million to clean up, and endangering many!

Unfortunately, the mishandling of asbestos is not a rare occurrence. Earlier this month two others were also sentenced to three years in prison for illegally dumping thousands of tons of asbestos- contaminated construction debris in upstate New York.  According to reports, these two men plotted to fill an entire 28 acre property full of asbestos over the course of five years. Thankfully law enforcement caught onto the scheme, however they had already dumped 400 truckloads of debris!

Asbestos exposure in any form is dangerous- and much too common, even to this day.  This session Congress has introduced H.R. 982/The FACT Act which allows corporations to delay and deny justice for Americans dying from asbestos exposure. By doing so, it grants a hand out to corporations that knowingly exposed workers to asbestos.

Tell your representative that corporations too should be held accountable and that you oppose H.R. 982.