Congress Intends To Destroy Your Rights And Hopes You Won’t Notice

If you're reading this, you noticed.

Consumer advocate Joanne Doroshow lays out the details in her excellent Huffington Post column:

The Republican Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee – a committee which, in 1974, was a distinguished institution that protected the nation by impeaching Richard Nixon with a bi-partisan vote – spent most of yesterday swatting away Democrats’ attempts to refocus the committee on urgent issues under their jurisdiction. (Just watch for awhile.) Then, the Republican majority voted out two anti-civil justice bills that no voters asked them to pass. Even small businesses have made it repeatedly clear that these are non-issues for them. They appear to be important only to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and paid business lobbyists, and a small number of the Chamber’s super-rich industry members who have liability exposure for harming the public, and who pay the Chamber (in some cases) millions of dollars to lobby for them.

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