Congress Must Revoke Corporations’ License to Steal

The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing yesterday on an important issue that affects all Americans.  It is called forced arbitration.

Buried in the fine print of many contracts – from credit card and nursing home contracts to employee handbooks and online user agreements – are dangerous forced arbitration clauses that eliminate access to justice and allow corporations to evade accountability. 

Forced arbitration grants corporations a license to steal and violate the law. 

The ability of Americans to seek justice in our courts, even when up against the most powerful corporate interests, is an essential part of our democracy. When consumers and small businesses lose access to the courts, corporations can get away with the worst.    

Without Congressional action, all federal and state civil rights, employment, antitrust, and consumer protections are at risk of being wiped away by forced arbitration. 

Congress must protect their constituents from the abusive practice of forced arbitration and pass the Arbitration Fairness Act to restore Americans’ rights to seek justice in the courts.

If you agree that corporations license to steal must be revoked, let Congress know!  Email your Senators and Representative today!