Constitution Day Special: Brought To You By The 7th

In honor of Constitution Day, we are highlighting seven ways the 7th Amendment has made America safer.

For those of you without a pocket Constitution, the 7th Amendment is your right to a trial by jury.  It allows you to access the civil justice system and hold corporations accountable when they injure and kill innocent Americans, pollute our environment and endanger our children.  As we know all too well, if no one is accountable, no one is safe.

Thanks to Americans exercising their rights under the 7th Amendment, flammable pajamas were pulled off the market.

For years, Johnson & Johnson failed to publicly disclose that Tylenol turns toxic and destroys the liver when mixed with alcohol. Thanks to the 7th Amendment, Johnson & Johnson was held accountable in court and now puts warnings on its products.

The 7th Amendment paved the way for three of the major candy makers, including Hersheys and Mars, agreed to a settlement in 2006 that established strict standards for protecting children from lead exposure in candies imported from Mexico.

The exploding Ford Pintos were redesigned after the manufacturer was taken to court by burn victims exercising their 7th Amendment rights. 

Holing crib manufacturers accountable in court helped step up the public notification effort that old designs were dangerous.  The 7th Amendment prevented more babies from dying.

After an accident left a woman a quadriplegic her subsequent lawsuit under the 7th Amendment revealed design defects with the Ford Explorer and its Firestone tires. 

After residents filed a lawsuit using the 7th Amendment, Pacific Gas & Electric ended the practice of dumping hexavalent chromium into the water and reached an agreement to clean up the affected area.

Do you know of products that have been made safer because of the 7th Amendment? Have you exercised your right to a trial by jury to uphold justice? If so, tell us your story! E-mail