Forced Arbitration Eliminates Justice for Atlanta Homeowner

Greg Cole owns a house outside Atlanta valued at almost half a million dollars - but according to Greg, he cannot even sleep in it. He believes construction problems caused cracks, which led to leaks and mold. The mold became so bad he and his family had to move out after becoming sick from the mold.

When Greg went to seek justice he found another hidden danger – a forced arbitration clause buried in the fine print of his contract with his homebuilder. According to CBS of Atlanta, this meant that he could not take his case to court, but instead was forced to go before an arbitration panel that was handpicked by the homebuilder.

As CBS of Atlanta reported, all consumers are at risk because forced arbitration clauses, like the one that was used against Greg, grant corporations a license to steal and violate the law. See video here

In addition to CBS, a New York Times editorial recently highlighted the dangers of forced arbitration. The response to this editorial was so overwhelming both a retired judge and an attorney penned letters stressing their opposition to forced arbitration. If you believe forced arbitration clauses in the fine print of contracts hurt consumers and grant corporations a license to steal and violate the law, be sure to let your member of Congress know. Ask them to support the Fair Arbitration Act by sending them a letter now!