Happy 40th ALEC or NOT

ALEC, or the American Legislative Exchange Council, is celebrating its 40th birthday this week in Chicago at its annual convention

If you haven’t heard of ALEC by now, move the rock you have been living under and turn on the 24 hour news cycle, open up a newspaper or glance at the internet. 


ALEC has been widely reported over the past few years due to its connections with controversial laws such as stand-your-ground, voter id and anti-union provisions.

The real shock is how many other laws aimed at eliminating your constitutional rights ALEC is jamming through state houses across the country.

For example, an ALEC model bill designed to delay and deny justice for people dying from asbestos-related diseases has been working its way through Wisconsin’s legislature.  Wisconsin has the 14th highest rate of deaths from asbestos diseases in the country.  Many asbestos victims are veterans who were exposed to asbestos during their time in the military and in their civilian jobs.

This is no way to treat Wisconsinites and most certainly no way to treat our veterans.  

One of the common threads of ALEC model legislation is its goal to eliminate legal accountability for corporate wrong doers when they injure and kill innocent Americans.

I think most of us can agree that this is not a good idea.

The civil justice system is many individuals' only way to seek recourse when they have been wronged, especially by billion dollar corporations. Legal accountability also keeps our country safe by encouraging corporations to act responsibly.

It doesn’t take a genius or even a wizard to figure out who is finically supporting this front group.

Corporations like Koch Industries, Georgia-Pacific, ExxonMobil, Pfizer and State Farm Insurance pay thousands of dollors in annual member dues.  In return, ALEC wines and dines state legislators and works in smoke filled back rooms to push their legislative agenda.  

But wakeup–there is good news!

You can do something to fight back and protect your rights.  Take action now and join our online community of activists.   Sign up to be a Take Justice Back subscriber.  

If you don’t take action now, you may be shocked to find out that when you need your rights, ALEC has already taken them away!