House Committee To Hold Hearing on Poisonous TSCA Reform Bill

Today, the U.S. House of Representatives will hold a hearing on draft legislation entitled the “Chemicals in Commerce Act” which would eviscerate public health safeguards, eliminate state laws that protect citizens from toxins and grant immunity to the chemical industry when it poisons and kills Americans. 

Provisions in this draft legislation strip victims of their constitutional rights to bring claims under state law, and restrict states from enacting new laws to protect their residents.  If victims cannot seek justice, the chemical industry will have complete immunity when it poisons and kills Americans.

You can watch the hearing here

If enacted, Rep. Shimkus’ draft bill would: 

  • Prevent state legislators from enacting new regulation to protect their residents;
  • Bar state attorneys general from enforcing state statutes;
  • Eliminate the rights of Americans to file civil lawsuits related to chemical spills;
  • Grandfather in 62,000 chemicals whose safety has never been tested;
  • Require the EPA to rely solely on industry information to determine the safety of new chemicals; and
  • Preserve the same inadequate safety standard used in current law.

If you want your drinking water and consumer products to be safe from toxic chemicals, tell your Representative today!