Meningitis Outbreak: Congress, State Laws and Marjorie's Story

Patients’ legal rights are constantly under attack in the state as well as federal level. For example, in Michigan when a resident is hurt by an unsafe drug or a medical device that was approved by the FDA, state law prohibits filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer.  As if this doesn’t inhibit access to justice enough, the state legislature is trying to further restrict patients’ rights.

We only need to look at the meningitis outbreak to see why bad actors must be held responsible for the injuries they cause.  Marjorie Norwood of Tennessee is among the many victims.  She is battling meningitis from a tainted steroid shot.  Her daughter Melanie shared her mother’s tragic story.

Meningitis has been linked to shots distributed by the New England Compounding Pharmacy (NECC).  At least 36 people are dead and more than 510 people in 19 states have been infected with the painful disease.  This outbreak is a chilling example that reminds us exactly why a strong civil justice system is so essential in holding drug manufacturers responsible for their products’ safety.

Michigan isn’t the only state where the civil justice system is under attack by misguided lawmakers.  Just this last year, the Tennessee state legislature passed the so-called “Civil Justice Act of 2011.”  Far from providing civil justice, corporate lobbyists pushed for the law that restricts Tennesseans constitutional right to hold wrongdoers fully accountable. To learn more, see Mark Chalos’ column in the Tennessean. 

States should not restrict injured patients’ right to hold an irresponsible company responsible.  Join our effort to Take Justice Back.