Opportunities to Develop the Skills to Take Justice Back

(Editor's note: the following blog was written by Jerry O'Neill, co-chair of the Board of the National College of Advocay at the American Association for Justice)

AAJ trial lawyers know what it means to take justice back. This is what they do each and every day on behalf of injured clients.

AAJ Education through the National College of Advocacy is proud to deliver 39 CLE programs in LA with a focus on teaching the latest developments in trial advocacy techniques and litigation. Daily themes at Advocacy Track include Pretrial Strategies, Deposition Skills and Tactics, Negotiations, Strategic Decision Making in Case Analysis, Applied Social Science to Create Innovative Trial Techniques, and Advocacy and Trial Practice with Rules of the Road™.  AAJ is also offering specialized tracks some of which are focusing on protecting those harmed in trucking collisions, by nursing home neglect, or by using an unsafe pharmaceutical or product. AAJ trial lawyers work to make the world a better, safer place. 

Programs are developed for and by plaintiff trial lawyers to enhance legal skills which in turn helps these trial lawyers go back to their practices energized and ready to continue the good fight on behalf of injured people. We hope these programs will help you develop your case, your clients, and your stories. 

Together, we can advocate to protect the civil justice system and Take Justice Back.