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Video: Donohue, U.S. Chamber Continue Lawsuit Hypocrisy

On Wednesday, Jan. 8, U.S. Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Tom Donohue continued his blatant lawsuit hypocrisy at the U.S. Chamber’s annual State of American Business address. 

Watch and listen to Donohue in his own words claim that the courtroom should be open for the U.S. Chamber but for not consumers.  We call that “Do as I Say, Not as I Sue” 

Forced Arbitration Eliminates Justice for Atlanta Homeowner

Greg Cole owns a house outside Atlanta valued at almost half a million dollars - but according to Greg, he cannot even sleep in it. He believes construction problems caused cracks, which led to leaks and mold. The mold became so bad he and his family had to move out after becoming sick from the mold.

When Greg went to seek justice he found another hidden danger – a forced arbitration clause buried in the fine print of his contract with his homebuilder. According to CBS of Atlanta, this meant that he could not take his case to court, but instead was forced to go before an arbitration panel that was handpicked by the homebuilder.

As CBS of Atlanta reported, all consumers are at risk because forced arbitration clauses, like the one that was used against Greg, grant corporations a license to steal and violate the law. See video here

Video: AAJ President Discusses Generic Drugs

Nearly 80 percent of all prescriptions in the U.S. are filled with the generic version of a drug.  The price tag can be appealing, but taking a generic drug can also have dangerous consequences because generic drug manufacturers are not accountable for the safety of drugs they produce.

Accountability is a key incentive to ensure drug companies monitor and adequately warn patients about the safety of drugs. Despite what many may think, the FDA does not test drugs, but instead relies on testing provided by the drug companies.  FDA approval of a drug does not guarantee safety.  

In the above video, American Association for Justice President Burton LeBlanc talks about the accountability imbalance between generic drugs and name-brand drugs and how the lack of accountability can put consumers at risk. 

NY Times Pens Editorial on Forced Arbitration

Forced arbitration creates a system rigged against individual consumers and tipped in favor of billion dollar corporations. Hidden in the fine print of many business contracts are clauses that give corporations and unfair advantage over consumers. Those clauses eliminate the rights of consumers to take a case to court when a problem arises and allow corporations to evade accountability.

Congress Must Revoke Corporations’ License to Steal

The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing yesterday on an important issue that affects all Americans.  It is called forced arbitration.

Buried in the fine print of many contracts – from credit card and nursing home contracts to employee handbooks and online user agreements – are dangerous forced arbitration clauses that eliminate access to justice and allow corporations to evade accountability. 

Forced arbitration grants corporations a license to steal and violate the law. 

Don’t Be Duped by ATRA’s “Hellholes” Report

Every year, the American Tort Reform Association (ATRA) releases a new edition of its “Judicial Hellholes” report. As you can see below, this has been widely ridiculed and debunked.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Memo on Forced Arbitration Intentionally Biased & Factually Inaccurate

When corporations commit widespread fraud and violate state and federal laws, consumers need an avenue to hold them accountable.  Consumers’ ability to join together is often the only way to hold those corporations responsible.  Forced arbitration clauses that ban class actions prohibit consumers from bringing claims, period.  It is too costly for consumers to bring claims on an individual basis in any forum—arbitration or court.  Forced arbitration grants corporations a license to steal and violate the law.    

CFPB Hearing to Address Forced Arbitration, Banks’ License to Steal

Forced arbitration clauses are widespread and affect over 80 million credit cardholders in the United States, according to a study by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

The study also found, on average under 300 forced arbitration disputes are filed by credit card, checking account and loan consumers each year.

AAJ CEO Talks Generic Drugs With Mike Papantonio

American Association for Justice CEO Linda Lipsen was recently a guest on the Ring of Fire Show with Mike Papantonio to discuss generic drug accountability and the proposal by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to fix this issue.

Nearly 80 percent of all prescriptions in the U.S. are filled with the generic version of a drug.  

“I’m actually guardedly optimistic that the FDA is going to get this right and protect consumers from very harmful and defective and reasonably dangerous generic drugs,” Lipsen said. 

To watch the full interview, which begins at the 18:00 mark, click the video above. If you agree that action needs to take place to stop forced arbitration, join the over 20,000 people who have already urged the FDA to act quickly by signing this petition

Key Action Updates on Forced Arbitration

There are two upcoming hearings addressing the deceptive practice called forced arbitration, which eliminates access to the courts replacing it with a secretive tribunal rigged in favor of billion dollar corporations.


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