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SCOTUS to Decide if Corporations Can Grant Themselves Complete Immunity from Federal Laws

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on Wednesday in a case that could provide corporations with the power to evade federal laws by keeping small businesses and individuals out of the courts and forced into arbitration.  In the case, American Express Co. v.

Schwab's Class Action Ban Threatens Investors' Rights

A Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) hearing panel ruled yesterday afternoon that Charles Schwab can ban clients from bringing class-action lawsuits. If this decision stands, other corporations could follow and investors’ financial stability will be at risk.  

Will cruise passengers be victimized again – by forced arbitration

This post was originally published on the Alliance for Justice’s blog and can be found here.

As they suffered in sweltering heat, walked through sewage and defecated in plastic bags, some of the passengers aboard the Carnival Cruise Lines ship Triumph probably were thinking “At least when we finally get home we can sue the b-----ds.”

The Carnival Triumph in happier times (including working toilets) Well, they can try – and some already have. But the U.S. Supreme Court has made it a lot harder than it should be.

Avery's Heartaches

Avery de Groh, now 9 years old, is facing an all too familiar anguish: her life saving heart defibrillator has again been recalled. Stuck with the impossible decision of leaving a faulty device in their child or risk an intense surgery to take it out, the de Groh’s are wrestling with what to do. While unnecessary shocks and a second recall are alarming enough, more so is the fact that the de Groh’s learned about this recall a year after the fact through a chance newsletter. But the medical devices industry enjoys near total immunity from being taken to court if their devices were once approved by the FDA.  The result is a financial and emotional burden for the de Groh’s, who have already paid once for such a removal surgery and will be forced to pay out of pocket yet again.

Medical Errors Leave a Lifetime of Pain

A New York Times article by Dr. Pauline Chen takes aim at the time struggle care providers face after being named in a medical lawsuit.  She argues with anecdotes including the story of a colleague who faced a “lost year of my life” after being named in a lawsuit.  

The Oklahoman Relies On Corporate Lobbyists' PR Campaign To Promote Myth Of Lawsuit Abuse

This post was originally published on Media Matters for America’s blog and can be found here.

Linda Lipsen discuses the web of tort reform

AAJ CEO Linda Lipsen will be a guest on the Ring of Fire radio show with Mike Papantonio as part of a show entitled, “The Web of Tort Reform.” Be sure to listen in on Saturday, January 12th, from 3-6 PM EST for the whole show. Ms. Lipsen address below our new online campaign,, and talks about how corporations strategically work to undermine your legal rights by limiting access to the civil justice system.

Our Disservice to the Troops

In a partisan atmosphere that extends beyond Washington, supporting our troops is one thing that brings this country together.  But few people probably know about a tremendous disservice being done to our military men and women; by volunteering to serve, they lose fundamental rights granted to every other American.  

Can Your Boss Force You into Arbitration?

The answer is yes.  And anyone who knows this should be deeply concerned about it.

Richard D. Alaniz, a senior partner at Alaniz and Schraeder, penned a very telling article for laying out the arguments why corporations should use arbitration agreements in employee contracts.  

There are many faults with this article, but most notably it provides a very rosy picture of arbitration and lacks any real perspective for employees.  

Congress Acts on Drywall in First Day of 2013

While the “fiscal cliff” negotiations continued in the wee hours, Congress did pass one piece of legislation that got very little national attention: legislation that would set standards for drywall.  It might seem trivial, but not for the thousands of homeowners who have lost their homes or suffered significant drops in their home values because of dangerous Chinese drywall that was used after hurricane Katrina created shortages in the South.


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