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Take Justice Back Launches Hall of Lawsuit Hypocrites

Every American has a Constitutional right to access justice through the courts – this right even applies to corporations and their front groups. Today, the American Association for Justice (AAJ) and the Take Justice Back campaign, launched the Hall of Lawsuit Hypocrites to showcase some of the corporations and lawmakers that happily exercise their right to access the courts when they stand to benefit, but also tirelessly work to close the courthouse doors on Americans.

New Study Debunks Defensive Medicine Myth

A new study published in The New England Journal of Medicine debunks the myth of defensive medicine, which is often used by proponents of legislation that limit patients’ access to justice and legal accountability. 

Fact Sheet: Class Actions Are Critical To Remedy Financial Discrimination Against Minorities

This post was originally published by the Center for Justice & Democracy at New York Law School and can be found here.

Class Actions Provide First Class Relief!

This post was originally published on The Pop Tort and can be found here.

Gulf Coast Chambers Break Up with U.S. Chamber Over BP Oil Spill

Eight outraged local Gulf Coast Chambers of Commerce are standing up for their local businesses while the U.S. Chamber of Commerce continues to side with BP in the ongoing litigation over the Gulf Coast Oil Spill.

JP Morgan fails to avoid a record data breach but will it evade accountability?

JP Morgan Chase, one of Wall Street’s most powerful banks, has just suffered a massive data breach affecting more than 70 million consumers, The New York Times reported yesterday.

Watch out for the fine print when you order your new iPhone!

The new iPhone is out and over 10 Million were sold in the first weekend of the release. For consumers looking for the latest and greatest in tech gadgets this is good news, but what you may not know when you sign your new cell phone contract with Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, or AT&T is that buried in the fine print are dangerous forced arbitration clauses.

Voter Protection Action Campaign Aims to Protect the Right to Vote

The Voter Protection Action Committee (VPAC) campaign, recently launched by the American Association for Justice (AAJ), was created to organize lawyers, paralegals, and law students around the country to volunteer at polling places, work in call centers, and join election protection legal teams for the upcoming Election Day.


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