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Speaker Boehner Lawsuit Hypocrisy

Speaker John Boehner has no problem using lawsuits to his political advantage, but when it comes to the American people, Speaker Boehner echoes the hypocrisy of: Do as I say, not as I sue.  As Speaker, he has voted to close the courthouse doors to asbestos victims, veterans, injured patients, and individual Americans. 

Every American should have equal access to the civil justice system when they are injured by the negligence or misconduct of others. 

Speaker Boehner voted YES on: 

Trial Attorneys are Committed to Public Safety

When corporations act irresponsibly and government regulatory agencies fail to protect the public, the last resort for Americans to seek accountability is in our courts. The American civil justice system is in place to enforce safety standards, reveal dangerous defects, and hold corporations accountable when their products kill and injure Americans.

Raising Awareness to Protect the Elderly

The International Network for Prevention of Elder Abuse and the World Health Organization at the United Nations launched World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on June 15, 2006. It was instituted to help raise awareness in communities around the world about how people are vulnerable to suffer from abuse and neglect as they age.

Access to Justice at Stake with Federal Rules Change

The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure matter. They can determine who wins and who loses. And they have been changing in the wrong direction for some time. Now, proposed rule changes are moving forward and three things are clear: they are much better than what was originally proposed, they are still disturbing, and they demonstrate the critical importance of the Federal Rules process and access to justice advocates’ participation in it.

New Legislation to Put Public Safety Over Corporate Interest

For nearly a decade, General Motors (GM) hid the deadly dangers it knew about its ignition switches.  Months since the civil justice system broke the GM ignition switch scandal, it has come to light that GM evaded public accountability for years by also hiding the ball in the courts. Additional lives were needlessly lost as the public was kept in the dark. 

Thank You, General Mills

On a typical morning, 6:30 a.m. rolls around and the kids head downstairs. My daughter and I will often grab a box of Chex cereal for breakfast. Many of the Chex cereals have become a favorite in our house because most of them are both nut free and gluten free. You see, my daughter has a nut allergy, and I cannot eat gluten. With these food restrictions, it can be difficult to find foods that our whole family can enjoy, and Chex cereal is a family favorite.

NuvaRing Customers Face Unknown Risks

In 2011, Erika Langhart died at the age of 24, after having three heart attacks, one before the ambulance arrived, and two while in the paramedics care.  The doctor’s inquired about any medication that may have triggered these heart attacks, and it all led to NuvaRing.

Honoring Our Servicemembers on Memorial Day

On Memorial Day, we remember and honor the servicemembers who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country and the veterans who put their lives on the line for our freedom. We thank you for your service and for protecting our country and our rights, and freedom.

Victims of eBay’s Massive Data Breach May Never Have Their Day in Court

eBay, the billion-dollar online auction company, has been hit with the second largest data breach in history, with more than 145 million users affected, the New York Times reported on Thursday. Although eBay insists that users’ financial information is safe, it confirmed that hackers were able to steal personal information including names, birth dates, email addresses, and passwords which could be used for identity theft. 

Unfortunately, victims may find that they cannot hold the tech giant accountable in court because of a forced arbitration clause buried in eBay's terms of service

Tech companies like eBay use forced arbitration clauses to evade privacy laws because they allow the company to kick violated users out of court and instead funnel them into a rigged forum run by an arbitrator selected by the company. This arbitrator is not required to have any legal training and does not even have to follow the law.


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