Jean’s Debilitating Injury Nearly Ignored

Jean Larson experienced a traumatic multi-vehicle collision that ended her career as a registered nurse, and nearly walked away with zero compensation. Jean, a mother of six and grandmother, was working for Caring Choice Transportation, a medical company, when the life-altering crash occurred. She was out on a job one day, riding in the company van as a passenger, when she was struck by another vehicle. The van flipped on its side, resulting in Jean’s right arm being degloved. (Degloving is a severe, debilitating injury where the skin and top layers of tissue are completely ripped off.) Jean’s devastating injury affected her right forearm, from her elbow to her knuckles, and also damaged the tendons on her right arm. Jean, being a nurse, knew she would never work again.

Jean was supposed to be compensated through her employer’s worker’s compensation carrier, an insurance company. That company also filed a claim against the other vehicle’s driver. Throughout the process, Jean was reassured by the insurance company that “everything would work out OK.” However, after the parties negotiated a settlement, the judge ruled that the insurance company was entitled to the entire amount. Jean was left with no future career prospects, a debilitating injury and no compensation of any kind.

Jean reached out to a local attorney. Her attorney fought for her justice and successfully petitioned the court that Jean was entitled to compensation. While the insurance company was looking out for itself, Jean found accountability through the civil justice system and a lawyer who looked out for her.