Concussions and the Courthouse

The dangers of traumatic brain injuries in sports have long been known, but it is only recently that widespread change in attitude to such injuries has taken hold, as the civil justice system has begun to hold sports leagues and school districts accountable. Through a small number of lawsuits, the civil justice system has driven the most radical change in the health care approach to athletes in the history of sports.

While nearly every state has some form of a return-to-play law in place - commonly referred to as "When In Doubt, Sit Them Out" laws - many of these laws could be made stronger to ensure student athletes are protected. We encourage parents to download this form letter, fill in your information and mail it to your local school administrator or district, encouraging them to adopt strong, enforceable concussion protocols that protect student athletes.

Click hear to download an audio recording of a conference call with concussion attorneys, a former NFL player and the father of a teenager who spent nearly a year in the hospital after suffering a concussion during a junior high school football game.